Offshore Supply and Logistic Services Limited


Recruitment and placement agency “Offshore Supply and Logistic Services Limited” was founded in September 2021 by Ms. Latoya Brown and Mr. Nicholas Malcolm, in response to an opportunity created by the unfulfilled demand in Jamaica for marine related services. This company is filling the gap in the linkage of the chain of activities required to service the logistic needs of the thousands of ships that passes through the Exclusive Economic Zones of Jamaica without incurring large cost.

The management team has received various training and certification in Maritime Services from the Caribbean Maritime University. Chairman/CEO Latoya Brown has confirmed the need for this service through her training in Logistic and Supply Chain Management and is the holder of a Bachelors degree in the field. Ms. Latoya Brown has superior knowledge and expertise as a logistics and procurement coordinator who has responsibilities ranging from identifying client needs and bringing purchaser to supplier to preparation of quotation and proposal request while maintain, listing and monitoring of all company assets and locations. Mr. Nicholas Malcolm who holds an Associate degree in marine Engineering has background in marine operations from an operational and managerial perspective. Mr. Malcolm has had experience as a Marine Superintendent and his responsibilities included crewing, procurement of equipment and supplies, movement of vessels and marine repairs which gives him insight into current maritime industry in Jamaica. Mr. Malcolm is also affiliated with numerous well established suppliers, maritime professional and vessel owners.  Ms. Feleisha Miller is the company’s secretary and has background in Geography and Environmental studies. She has experience as a customer service representative, event planner and teacher which a wealth of knowledge and understanding that is valuable to the company. 

Our database has collected many seafarers – officers and ratings, and most of them we know personally. Our company is principal based that’s why our services are our prestige. We are very careful in personnel selection which is keen to achieving maximum customer satisfaction. Our aim is to provide our principles best services by the optimal cost.

Company Secretary

Feleisha Miller


Nicholas Malcolm


Latoya Brown