Offshore Supply and Logistic Services Limited


OSLS Ltd. is a Jamaican recruitment and placement agency based in Kingston, Jamaica. We will be interviewing and assessing candidates for work onboard ships and yachts. Our main goal is to find and assemble the best crew for our partners while giving talented and motivated individuals their next career venture.

Jamaica is typically known for tourism, music and sports however there has been an increase for seafarers as well. We have a wide range of universities like the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU), University of the West Indies (UWI) and University of Technology (UTech). This means we have a large local and highly qualified pool of people that are ready to start a career on vessels. 

OSLS Ltd’s main service focuses on finding and screening candidates for technical and service positions on ships and yachts. Candidates are selected from advertisement or scouting coupled with an initial interview in accordance with established standards in the recruitment profession. We will strive to help motivated and direct individuals to complete the necessary training required to be accepted into the ideal position for them on board.

All members of our management team are experienced graduates from the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) located in Kingston, Jamaica. Our workers are fluent English speakers and have fulfilled requisite training and certifications, and police clearance. 

Any logistical work like re-stocking the ship’s supplies will also be handled by us. We will also help with any chartering needs the ship may have. To make it possible for us to give the best service the vessel should give ETA Notice to the Agent one day prior to arrival as well as confirming ETA , Number of Crew, Vessel needs – Freshwater, Ship chandler, etc.

The main working principles of OSLS Ltd‏, which are a sound operational base, are:

  • Guaranteed system to select the most skilled specialists within the region
  • Ability to supply full complements and crew replacement
  • Ability for direct selection of the specialists
  • Guaranteed fast actions and feedback in response to your Orders
  • Long-term agreement for optimum service payment
  • Continuous educational and qualification system

We provide a wide range of services, including: 

  • Searching and selection of well-trained and certified Seafarers for all types of vessels by testing the professional skills, English language skills, previous work experience, reviewing references from the previous employers, personal appraisals background checks.
  • Compiling and controlling the schedule of crew shifts
  • Additional training and refreshing courses as well as in-office training for Crew.
  • Visas support for Crew.
  • Organization of training specialists in collaboration with the leading training centers in Jamaica